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Chopard celebrates a universal value at the heart of its identity

Above and beyond the creation of exceptional watches and jewellery, the quest for happiness has always been an integral part of the family spirit characterising Chopard. A universal value transcending the barriers of culture, language, generation or social status, happiness unites all of humanity. By choosing to celebrate it, Chopard is determined to show its faith in humankind, and within the current context, the Maison is thus expressingmore strongly than ever the optimism embedded in its identity. On 20 March, the date set by the United Nations to commemorate the International Day of Happiness, Chopard is calling on people everywhere to create a global chain of joy. As an emblem of its commitment, an array of roses will symbolise the Maison’s actions on this very special day. Among these actions, Chopard will donate part of the proceeds from sales made during the International Day of Happiness weekend to an association chosen by its ambassadress Julia Roberts. More than a mere project, this ambition is part of an ongoing timelineof concrete actions undertaken by Chopard and its leaders over several years. 

Happiness on the agenda

The International Day of Happiness is an initiative of Bhutan, a country which since the 1970s has recognised the supremacy of the Gross National Happiness index over the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) national income index. At the instigation of the Government of Bhutan, senior government officials, representatives of religious organisations, academia and civil society met in 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters to develop new measures of quality of life that go beyond a purely economic paradigm. In its resolution of 12 July 2021, the United Nations General Assembly states that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal”, while taking the initiative of instituting an International Day of Happiness every 20 March. Placing happiness on the global annual schedule was a call for awareness-raising activities at all levels of society. Chopard naturally responded to this universal appeal: even before the United Nations institutionalised this day, the Maison was already committed to promoting this intrinsic value of its history and identity.

A chain of happiness

In view of the festivities planned for 20 March, Chopard has set itself the objective of launching a chain of happiness across all the continents, as a reminder of how essential happiness is to life. This day conveys essential symbolic significance: it places happiness on the media calendar and reminds us that the conditions for its emergence are a public matter for which we are collectively responsible. Everyone intuitively knows how to sense what happiness is and to recognise it by what blossoms within us when it is by our side for a few moments. Everything suddenly seems within reach. Through the miraculous intermediary of a dance, the integrity of a decision or a simple burst of laughter, everything seems possible. Chopard therefore calls on each individual to rediscover these emotions and to form a veritable chain of happiness. A butterfly effect through which a smile or a token of attention given to others – and even to oneself – is multiplied around the world.

Happy Diamonds, the strength of an irresistible smile

Since the invention of Happy Diamonds, the Chopard workshops have always believed in the calming virtue of dancing diamonds: the smile sparked by the whirl of these free-spinning gems is intended to inspire fresh grins. From the ups and down of the path to women’s emancipation that they have stylishly accompanied, to the universal quest for happiness, dancing diamonds are designed to contribute to the development and expansion of a fairer world, guided by the founding notions of Chopard’s identity: happiness and Joie de Vivre

The Maison’s latest international campaign provides a sparkling showcase for thestrength of this mischievous spark, capturing the essence and universality conveyed by the world’s most famous smile: that of Julia Roberts. The electrifying Joie de Vivreof this veritable breath of fresh air has received an unprecedented welcome across every continent. Like a butterfly effect, by which fluttering wings are capable of triggering a powerful whirlwind on the other side of the world, Julia Roberts’ irresistible smile does so much more than touch people’s hearts: it becomes an anchor point for a collective desire to resist the prevailing gloom and doom by expressing happiness. Rolled out at a time when the world was emerging from an unprecedented climate of individual isolation due to the pandemic, when hope for the foundations of collective immunity was finally appearing more realistic, this Happy Diamonds campaign with Julia Roberts powerfully resonated with the aspirations of a world that was finally resurfacing. The twirling Happy Diamonds were like a symbol of the long-awaited springtime.

long-lasting pledge

Through its commitments, Chopard has for several years been aiming to contribute to universal happiness, as demonstrated by its involvement in the Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a programme whose objective is to make luxury practices more responsible. Since the 2010s, Chopard has forged links with non-governmental organisations in order to help improve the living and working conditions of artisanal gold miners, who are the basis of all watchmaking and jewellery activities. Thanks to numerous efforts, the Maison is now able to purchase 100% ethical raw gold for its watch and jewellery production, and thus contributes to the evolution of luxury practices. 

In addition to this commitment alongside its suppliers and partners to implementing international certification standards, as well as the transparency it demonstrates in its production processes, the Maison actively supports several charities. Together withmodel Petra Nemcova – who created the Happy Hearts Fund association, which has now become All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response – Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele designed a bracelet to support the reconstruction of schools in areas affected by natural disasters. Since 2015, thanks to this Happy Hearts jewel, several hundred students in Nepal, Indonesia and Peru have been able to continue their education, starting a virtuous circle that will allow future generations 

The rose: a symbol chosen by Chopard to mark the International Day of Happiness  

To symbolise Chopard’s commitment to promoting the International Day of Happiness, Caroline Scheufele has chosen the rose, a decision guided by multiple reasons of the heart. On the one hand, the rose is one of the favourite flowers of Chopard’s Artistic Director, herself a keen nature-lover. The shape of the petals is reminiscent of the contours of a heart – which is also a core Chopard emblem. Moreover, the colour pink itself evokes gentle softness. On the occasion of the International Day of Happiness, the Maison will be decked out in an infinite number of roses. Throughout its boutiques and workshops, the rose will distil its fresh fragrance and Joie de Vivre to encourage the chain of happiness for which Chopard is calling.