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Palazzo FENDI Holiday Season 2021 video

Starting from the end of November 2021, the new Holiday Season windows and decorations will light up the FENDI boutiques around the world, Marble prints continue to be a signature motif in FENDI, paying homage to Rome and to the classical Italian aesthetic, increasinglybecoming a key component of the Maison’s visual language.Directly from the FENDI Winter Capsule 2021, the marble now explodes and shines on the Holiday Season displays. 

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Window and in-store installations are realised in collaboration with Odd Matter, a cutting-edge design studio driven by curiosity for the strange and wonderful, believing in researching, probing,and exploring our world through its materials, processes andconcepts – and Marcel Christ, a still-life photographer and video-maker. Having studied both chemical engineering and photography, Marcel Christ blends these two interests to achieve powerfully dynamic and colourful works, a conscious combination of control, aesthetics, and coincidence, red the quintessential Holiday colour, will pervade windows, facades, and interiors in the form of marbled prints in brightscarlet tones. Odd Matter sculptures, characterised by fluid shapes in the neutral shades of stones, will be exposed side by side of LED screens showcasing Marcel Christ’s videos inspired by the coloured marbles of the collection.

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Starting from the end of November, the same marble motifs will light up the entire facade of the Palazzo FENDI in Rome, glowing as a festive galaxy in the tones of red, blue, and yellow golden. The Holiday universe will similarly animate the facades of the Paris Avenue Montaigne, London New Bond Street and New York 57th Street stores, creating a unique and merry atmospherebeginning December 8th among the worldwide declinations, at the Tokyo Omotesando clients will find an inverse ‘F’ sculpture in front of the entrance, placed on a red marble base, and the FENDI CAFFE by ANNIVERSAIRE dressed up in the same motif in holiday colours. In China, the same print will be the focus of a pop-up at Shanghai Plaza 66, as well as taking over the screens and furniture of the Beijing SKP boutiques. Blue grey marbles will cover the Seoul Hyundai Parc 1 Men’s store entrance, besides being present on furniture and LED screens inside. Remaining in Seoul, Marcel Christ’s videos will bring the festive atmosphere to the Shinsegae Kangnam FENDI boutique. 

Starting from November 29th, clients walking in the FENDI store in the Miami Design District will undertake an immersive experience, being surrounded by the red marble motif. Similarly, the facade and interiors of the Los Angeles Rodeo Drive boutique pop-up will be adorned with the enchanting ruby print that enlivens festivities at FENDI this year.

Be ready to discover the FENDI Holiday Season in boutiques worldwide… The countdown has started!